AXS Official Resale

AXS Official Resale gives fans a safe, simple, and official way to buy and sell tickets.

If fans have tickets from AXS but can’t make it to an event, they can sell their tickets at a fair price (no more than 10% above the price paid). If they need seats for an event, they can be confident that all tickets from AXS, even ones sold by other fans, are guaranteed to be authentic. We believe AXS Official Resale will help prevent touts and inflated ticket prices while providing fans with a secure way to buy and sell tickets for the most popular events.

Resale tickets are available for many events and you’ll see them alongside standard tickets on the seat map. All of your options – standard, resale, and VIP – will appear in one spot, making it easier than ever to get the perfect tickets for your must-see events.

Please note: If you purchase resale tickets for OVO Arena Wembley through any website other than via or, your tickets may not be valid and access to the venue could be refused.

Why should I sell tickets with AXS?

AXS Official Resale provides fans with the fastest, simplest way to sell tickets they can no longer use for shows at OVO Arena Wembley. It’s also the official place to sell tickets endorsed by the artist, team, or venue.

  • List tickets for sale straight from your AXS account within OVO Arena Wembley app
  • Reach thousands of potential buyers on the event’s main seat map
  • Lose the hassle of delivering tickets
  • Money paid to your designated account within 10 days of the show taking place
  • Remain completely anonymous

How do I sell tickets with AXS?

Listing your tickets for sale is simple:

  • Log in to your AXS account via OVO Arena Wembley app and click MY EVENTS in the toolbar
  • Find the event and tickets you want to list for sale and click SELL
  • Tick the boxes for the tickets you want to list for sale
  • Enter your selling price per ticket (Capped at a maximum of 10% above the price paid), the listing expiration date and time, and add any additional seat description
  • Click PREVIEW OFFER, then click CONFIRM OFFER and your seat will be posted on the event purchase flow within one hour.

What if I change my mind and no longer want to sell my tickets?

If you’ve changed your mind about selling your ticket, and no longer want to list for sale, simply go to your account, locate the ticket and remove from listing with one simple click. You’ll then receive an email confirming your tickets are no longer listed for sale.

When does a listing expire?

It’s up to you! When listing tickets, you decide how long your listing will be available for others to buy. They can be listed with AXS Official Resale until one hour after doors open – following this time they’ll be automatically taken off sale.

When can tickets be listed sale with AXS?

Tickets can be sold on AXS Official Resale from 24 hours after they go on sale to the general public and right up to one hour after the doors open, giving both sellers and buyers flexibility not seen before in the resale market.

How will I receive payment for tickets I've sold?

When your ticket(s) sell, you will get a confirmation email, with payment being made to your designated account within 10 working days of the event taking place.

Why do I not receive payment until after the event?

This is due to the checks we need to have in place around fraud protection. 

Why is there a 10% cap?

AXS are introducing what they believe to be the most pragmatic solution to the resale of tickets. AXS appreciate that fans who have bought tickets but cannot attend the show for whatever reason will want to sell their tickets and that they may have incurred some costs during the purchase process.

AXS think it is fair that they are able to recoup at least some of that outlay. Also, AXS think a 10% cap does not provide enough of a margin to satisfy the cynical and determined ticket tout and in doing so will take the incentive away from bulk buying tickets for resale.

AXS are committed to combatting touting issues and the exploitation of real music fans and believe that we have taken a big step towards achieving these goals.

I bought my ticket from another ticketing provider; will I still be able to sell it on AXS Official Resale?

Not at this time, but our technology is open to all companies in the primary ticketing market place and we look forward to on-boarding them soon. Choosing to adopt AXS Mobile ID will extend the security of purchasing resale tickets to all show attendees.

Can I post tickets for events previously purchased prior to the launch of AXS Mobile ID on AXS Official Resale?

Not at this current time, but it is something we are looking to address.

How do I buy a ticket from AXS Official Resale?

Tickets for events can be purchased via or OVO Arena Wembley app. Go to the event you’d like to purchase tickets for and on that event page, both primary and resale tickets will be clearly marked.

I am struggling to purchase resale tickets – the system keeps blocking my purchase?

You have to match the number of tickets put up for sale by the seller. Sometimes the seller may request that all tickets are sold in one order, other sellers may be happy to sell (for example) 4 tickets one by one.

Also, you can only buy from one resale listing at a time per transaction. Therefore, there could be tickets listed for resale next to each other, but listed by different sellers. In this instance, you will need to make two separate bookings.

What if the event is sold out of standard tickets?

With AXS Official Resale, you always have a way to see the show. For an event that is “sold out,” keep checking the event page for tickets listed for sale by other fans. Resale tickets are available 24 hours after tickets first go on sale to the general public right up to the day of the event. You’ll see resale tickets on the seat map alongside any standard tickets that are available. Standard tickets are shown in blue, and resale tickets are shown in orange. This gives fans the best opportunity to see what’s available – all in one place – for a fair price.

How will I know if my purchase was successful?

You’ll receive a confirmation email soon after purchase, and you’ll get another email as soon as the tickets are delivered to your AXS account and ready to view in OVO Arena Wembley app.

Can I contact the buyer directly?

No – AXS handles payment and delivery so buyers and sellers remain completely anonymous. Buyers get tickets delivered straight to their AXS account, and sellers are transferred their money through AXS.